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Return Policy


if, there are any issues with the order please fill out an email, and our team will get back to you within 1-3 business days.


取消order is shipped, then cancellations are not allowed.


Shipping worldwide! All domestic orders (orders within the US) are shipped for as low as $1! International shipping varies on items and weight.


低于 20 美元的订单将不包括跟踪运输,并且 20 美元以上的订单将获得免费跟踪运输。如果您想将您的运输升级为跟踪,请将跟踪的运输项目添加到您的购物车。


We are not responsible for any lost or stolen mail. Once shipped, it's usps' responsibility to deliver packages. if the order is lost, please file a claim with usps and msg us for any questions or problems.

processing Policy

allow 2-7 days to process orders. This will depend on the volume of orders we have. thank you for your patience<3

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