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this was an unexpected aspiration of mine. i had a lot of hobbies but none of them were drawing. I actually had no idea what I wanted to accomplish in life. I changed my majors 3 times and still wasn't satisfied with my career path. until one day, i saw people on TikTok making and selling stickers. at first, I was naive and thought, "this is such an easy way to make money. i even have an iPad, so it's gonna be easier!" soon my dumbass realized it wasn't so easy, BUT when I went through the process of creating art and running my small shop, I actually enjoyed it. after 9 months of running my business i had made sales that i didn't think were possible. i have outgrown etsy and wanted a more personal experience with my customers, so i created my own site! a fast cash quarantine experiment turned into a life-long dream. thank you to those who have been with me since my etsy days, and hello to those who have just got here<3

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